Frequently Asked Questions

Is your system on the cloud?

Yes it is.

Just how secure is my data?

Many people still remain sceptical about the security of cloud computing. It is secure. From the very beginning, we've been at the forefront of cloud computing, when it used to be called 'Application Service Provider' software. Remember - if the FBI stores information in the cloud, you can trust us with yours.

We have our own servers and use 128 bit encryption, just like the banks.

If you don't have an office, where is my data stored?

Our servers are located in a secure, commercial data centre in Brisbane.

Some people say they are waiting for others to move to the cloud, so why should I?

It's true, cloud computing is still being branded by some as the way of the future… why? Cloud computing hit the street years ago.

I don't trust the cloud, so why should I use it?

If you currently use Facebook, Twitter, Google besides doing your banking online, you already are! Technology will soon be exclusive to the cloud so don’t miss the boat.

Some people believe it’s a costly exercise

Okay, for a fully self-hosted solution (for large businesses) and starting from scratch, it can get a little bit costly if you decide to run Windows and software. However, we've already done it for you and so you get the benefit of reduced costs billed at a nice, easily affordable monthly price.

If there's a problem with the software, do I have to wait for someone overseas to fix it?

Okay, so there are a number of overseas-based software suppliers around but we built the Min-IT Lending System completely from scratch ourselves. We usually know how to fix an issue fairly quickly.

I use another system right now, so can you convert my data?

Over the years, we've converted a number of user's previous data onto the Min-it Lender System.

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