Client & Contract Details


The Client tab contains contact details, current and previous addresses, as well as friend or relative contact information. Any other loans, current or previous, the client is associated with, either as the sole or a joint borrower or as a guarantor, can be readily viewed along with the total number of payment defaults to date. Employer details, date of birth and identification information, such as Driver Licence and Credit Reporting Agency reference details, are also stored.

All loans are hyperlinked so that you can look at the client’s repayment history at a glance.


The Loan tab has all the details of your client’s loan. View Client and Guarantor details, payment method, details of any security taken, number of payment defaults, actual cash paid to date, next payment date and repayment amount, the loan’s financial details and any notes you’ve made all on the one screen. Access to totally up-to-date ledger information is just a click away!