Additional Features

Online Applications

Being Internet based, if you have your own front-end system, we can supply you with a variety of API's that will enable you and your clients to access the system using your own portal page. You enable exactly what access you want to provide for your existing and potential borrowers, whether it be to change their address and contact details or electronically sign and view contracts online. You can also allow retail affiliates to pass applications to you using these API's.

Direct Debiting

The system allows you to use either your own bank software or a third party provider to process your direct debits. The Min-it Lending System is fully integrated with 2 payment debiting systems that draw the payments and reconciles them automatically at very reasonable cost. If a debit fails, you simply decide what action is required. Funds are paid to you direct from the payment processor's trust account.

Work from Anywhere

The Internet makes it easy for you to work anywhere - you can manage what's happening in another branch, from the office, your home, whilst you're overseas or at the beach!


As your business grows, the Min-it Lending System enables you to allocate loans to branches. When enabled, reporting is available at full system or individual branch level.

Emailing Letters

With the cost of postage going up, the last thing you want to be doing is posting every letter you create. The system can be enabled to allow you to easily email any Missed or Dishonoured Payment or Arrangement letters.


System Bulletins

Constant Development

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